Swap Site Gold

What would we do without social media?! Over the past year I have enjoyed joining several “swap sites” in different regional areas close to where I live via Facebook.  Swap Sites are like giant on-line garage sales.  Sellers post pictures of items they wish to sell along with listed price of items. Buyers can then negotiate stated price and plan a place and time to pick up purchased goods from the seller. It runs on a first come, first serve  type basis, so whomever makes the 1st comment wishing to buy the item gets 1st dibs. So if you’re QUICK…you can get some really great stuff at a great price.  Today just happened to be my lucky day, hence the title “Swap Site Gold.”

This pretty girl came dressed in her original meet outfit.  Back of her neck is stamped Pleasant Company.  Her limbs are tight, neck strings are long and there are no marks of any kind on her body. She is a beautiful girl. I was able to negotiate with the seller on her price and spent $65.  Heck of a deal 🙂  

So happy to add Julie to my Doll Family…and here are a few more pictures of her trying on some new threads.

And check out the shoes…..ADORABLE!!

Always keep an eye out for that Bargain…happy hunting!!!


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