Squeeee…Wellie Wishers

Over the weekend, I traveled to the American Girl Store to check out the new Wellie Wishers doll line.  Talk about CUTE…these 5 new characters are chalked full of personality.


From left to right..Camille, Kendall, Willa, Ashlyn and Emerson.

The AG store in Chesterfield did a wonderful job displaying these pretty girls.


And what I loved most is that they had these dolls all throughout the store where customers could really get up close. I held each one.  I didn’t mind the size because these dolls are meant for age groups 5-7.  I think for this age an all over vinyl body type is better than the cloth body of the regular 18in AG doll.  It can survive a little better with rougher play that comes with younger children. 






I also liked the fixed eyes, up close there is a lot of depth in their color.  AG has also done a great job with each face mold. Each doll has its own individual characteristics, whether that be a freckle or slight rose to the cheek. There is clear distinction between each girl.  Their hair is like that of a normal 18in. doll. The same wig type that is utilized with the BeForever and Truly Me line is also used with the Wellie Wisher line.  So invest in the AG wire brush if you haven’t already.

I look forward to AG expanding this line…outfits, playsets, even new characters (hint, hint AG*)

My 3yr old picked out sweet Camille to bring home. I have decided that Ashlyn and Kendall will be my next two girls that I add to my personal collection.

These dolls are really beautiful, I think $60 price tag is a bargain compared to what one normally pays for a regular sized AG doll.

If you have the opportunity to go to an AG store and check these girls out, do it!!  I plan to post a more detailed blog on both Kendall and Ashlyn after purchase…so stay tuned. 


9 thoughts on “Squeeee…Wellie Wishers

  1. This post is great! Although I first had my doubts about Wellie Wishers, they’ve grown on me now! 😀 I’m not sure if I’ll buy one, but I really like Camille and Willa! 🙂

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