All American

My so-called “obsession” with American Girl began around the age of nine and has continued for 22 years.  The only difference is my status, meaning now as an adult I don’t have to hope and wish to find an American Girl doll under my Christmas tree, now owning one of these gorgeous girls is a reality and a hobby I enjoy.

This blog is a “sharing” space for all things American Girl and a space for the young at heart.  Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “All American

  1. Hi! Your dolls are beautiful. #47 is on my wishlist. 🙂 I agree, you’re never too old for AG.
    ❤ , IrishAG
    P.S. Thanks for following me! XD You are WordPress follower #40! Yay! 😀

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    1. Natalie was a Rescue. When she arrived her hair was atrocious, I had to work on it for a couple hours but now she looks good as new, no one would ever know. She has a very sweet face, such a pretty girl 🙂

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